Inside Cine Gear Expo 2015 at Paramount Studios

2015-06-10 00.05.19
I received the invitation through the Portal Production Hub, Cine Gear Expo 2015. I looked up their website and everything seemed pretty amazing, I filled the free application and I invited a friend to come with me, everyone was able to apply for a free entrance for both days, so I convinced her.

On Saturday we were ready and head on the parking lot. I was really excited, I’ve never been inside Paramount Studios and this seemed the best way to know the place. Once we parked a shuttle picked us and a few more visitors and took us in front of Van Ness Gate, then the fun started. After passing through the security doors we arrived at the Registration area, it was as easy as scanning your barcoded Speed Badge Confirmation and your badge was printed automatically and hanging from a black GoPro string. We picked the expo guide and checked the special events that had place Saturday, it was the second day of the exposition but there was still a lot of good things going on.

2015-06-10 01.03.13

Before arrive to the main exposition we crossed some important and historical landmarks such as Paramount Studios gate, the Paramount Theater and the original bench where Forrest Gump waited with his box of chocolates.

2015-06-10 00.12.29

The exposition started in the exterior set of New York and continued inside some of the gigantic Stages. The latest technologies, the most amazing drones, robots and new cameras were there, it was impossible to focus with all that exciting information around. Top brands like Sony, Arri, Canon and GoPro were there, but also new technologies, ten different companies in charge of drones with the most amazing image quality and small companies with new lighting gadgets.20150606_122522

2015-06-10 00.41.33

2015-06-10 00.40.46Once we checked all the stands it was lunch time, lots of food trucks were waiting for us. We decided for a classic california In-n-Out, then we were ready for our next and last activity in the Paramount Theater. Cinematographer Rob Hardy was presenting the last movie he worked on, Ex Machina. The small entrance of the theater was hiding a huge and elegant cinema, Rob Hardy explained his job and main decisions in the movie as well as the most tricky situation he was involved during the film. We enjoyed a few clips of the movie and learned the most difficult lighting decisions, either interior and exterior scenes.

2015-06-10 00.23.48

I had a blast, a very well organized exposition where anybody who is involved in the film industry will much appreciate and any curious person will enjoy it to the fullest, many families with kids enjoyed their time there too, which is why I would highly recommend this to all of you, especially to my filmmakers pals. I can’t wait for next year!


Cine Gear Expo
Phone: 310 472-0809


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